HMC meerdaagse, training and team building

The purpose of these 3-day meetings is to optimize the interaction and cooperation between medical specialists of the hospital and general practitioners from the region.

In order to create distance between the daily practice and the training, we usually travel at least two hours from The Hague.

Apart from scientific content, the program also consists of teambuilding activities.

  • HMC Meerdaagse
  • HMC Meerdaagse
  • HMC Meerdaagse
  • HMC Meerdaagse
  • HMC Meerdaagse
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HMC Meerdaagse


Napoli (2007)

Budapest (2008)

Bruges (2011)

Hof van Saksen – Drenthe (2013)

Domburg (2015)

Apeldoorn (2016)

Vaals (2017)

Ghent (2018)

Vlieland (2019)

2020 and 2021 Cancelled because of Covid-19

Maastricht (2022)

Secretariat Scientific Society

IOIBD – International organisation for the study of Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Since 2011 we are involved as the Scientific Secretariat for this Society with 60 active, 30 senior and about 20 corporate members.

We deal with all communication to members, organisation of at least four Executive Board meetings per year, several committee meetings, coordination of the Annual Meetings as well as the Grant and New Member programs. Since 2021 the IOIBD Institute LLC has been added to the activities for IOIBD. The main purpose is to generate extra funds to support the mission of IOIBD: “to promote the health of people with IBD worldwide by setting the direction for patient care, education and research” by organising activities like Satellite meetings.
Marischka Konings is as Director in charge of the daily management of the Institute.

The Annual Meeting is held in different venues in the world.

  • Secretariaat Wetenschappelijke Vereniging
  • Secretariaat Wetenschappelijke Vereniging
  • Secretariaat Wetenschappelijke Vereniging
  • Secretariaat Wetenschappelijke Vereniging
  • Secretariaat Wetenschappelijke Vereniging
  • Secretariaat Wetenschappelijke Vereniging
  • Secretariaat Wetenschappelijke Vereniging

  • Secretariaat Wetenschappelijke Vereniging
  • Secretariaat Wetenschappelijke Vereniging


2012 Melbourne

2013 New York

2014 Amsterdam

2015 Montreal

2016 Tel Aviv

2017 Stresa (Lago Maggiore)

2018 Rio de Janeiro

2019 Havana

2020 cancelled due to Covid-19

2021 Bordeaux

2022 Napa

2023 Cambridge (UK)

2024 Florence

2025 Auckland

The number of delegates for the annual meetings is about 150 persons.


Celgene Management en Quality meetings

Celgene, an innovative and fast growing company active in the Pharmaceutical world, has been a client since 2009.

Over the years we have worked for several Country organisations on various projects.

These meetings took place in The Netherlands but also abroad – Stockholm and Paris.

The meetings are usually attended by Celgene employees and the main purpose is training and or Quality.

Usually the program also allows for some social activities likes dinners and excursions.

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  • Celgene quality meetings
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A glamorous night at the museum – behind the scenes!

15:30 hrs We check-in with the security department of the museum. Once our ID’s have been checked with the list of employees for this MK Producties event, we are cleared to enter.
According to privacy agreements, we will not mention the exact location or the name of the client in this report.

The program that enfolds in the next few hours for our eyes has been produced with military precision. Many hours of meetings, checking proposals, calculating, testing meals and adjusting the on-site script have led to this evening.


16:00 hrs. At this point in time we are 3 hours before show time and the catering company has started their preparations behind the scenes.

They are the first supplier in the line of suppliers for this event to off load material and prepare in an area out of the sight of the public.

Until 17:00 hrs the museum is open for the public and preparations for the evening event cannot interfere with the public function of the museum.

As soon as the last visitor has left the museum, the catering company can start to build their on-site kitchen and prepare the long dining tables for the 100 guests. Technical staff is also on-site to install the microphones for speeches during dinner.

In the meantime the last trolleys of the entertainment company are off loaded. They will perform in the central hall during coffee and desserts. Therefore, they need to wait until the guests have left this area, before they can start the actual build up. The crew takes their meal and the artists prepare their costumes and make-up. The museum works with preferred suppliers, which pays off in a time like this: these parties know their way around in the museum and are familiar with the protocols and strict rules.

17:45 hrs The event manager receives a call from Marischka Konings that all guests are on their way to the museum by boat. A short but important message to ensure that everybody is ready to welcome the guests in 20 minutes.

Cloakroom, guides for the tour, all build up activities out of sight. Activities are still on schedule!


18:10 hrs The first guests enter the museum, they have been shuttled in small boats which also defines the groups for the tour in the museum.

After dropping off their coats, the guests immediately leave for the tour. Guests are impressed with the building and the collection.

The tour is conducted in English, German or Dutch, depending on the dominant language in the group.

As soon as the guests are on their way in the tour, the build-up for the entertainment can start in the main hall.

A spectacular performance is planned by artists of Aerial Art with Simone Heitinga in a 4 meter high cupola made of trusses.

In the meantime, Marischka checks the final details of the dining tables and the placing of the table cards.

Together with the party manager of Select Catering the time table and the seating for guests with diets is double checked.

With the photographer, Hans van Goozen, she discusses the time table, the order of speeches, the VIPs and the exact spot for the group picture. She also checks the sound system and gives the technician a last briefing.

Then the first guests arrive for dinner. SHOW TIME!

As soon as all groups have finished the tour, the group pictures are made and guests sit down on the beautifully laid out tables.

Oog voor detail

Once the last person sits, the caterer starts serving. It is always impressive to see how the troops of serving staff fill glasses and serve plates in ‘no-time’. Exactly according to plan, the guests start their meal at 20:05 hrs.

Time for Marischka and the photographer to take a look in the main hall to oversee the build-up activities. This goes all according to plan and Marischka also checks in with the security staff to confirm that all guests have arrived. Also, she informs them of the 6 horse trams that will arrive around 22:30 hrs for transfer back to the hotel at 23:00 hrs.

Back in the dining hall, Marischka gives a sign to the waiting artists to enter the room for a mini-performance. This act is meant as a ‘teaser’ for the big performance in the foyer and connects the art in the museum to the entertainment.

The dining guests stop their conversations and are mesmerized with the performance.

Before they know it, it is over and the artists leave with new topics for conversation

What was this? Did you see the golden figure? O and the beautiful music!

Between the courses, speeches are scheduled. Marischka oversees the whole dinner with perfection.

At 21:00 hrs the build-up in the main hall is ready and the rehearsals can start. Marischka is there to check if everything is according to plan.

This is an exciting moment for all artists, will it work in this ad hoc theatre, does it look and sound the way planned?

A few cues need to be fine-tuned and some spotlights need to be adjusted but there is still time.

The photographer makes his first shots and checks which highlights he needs to catch during the show.

Marischka leaves the main hall in the conviction that her client will be impressed – the assignment ‘cirque du soleil type of entertainment’ will be met!

At 21:45 hrs the last course has been served and the guests are lead to the main hall for coffee and dessert.

Hostesses lead the way and the guests are impressed with the metamorfose of the hall. When all guests have coffee and dessert, the lights are dimmed and the Japanese percussionist starts, soon followed by the violist.

Toegesneden op uw persoonlijke wensen

Simone enters the stage and climbs up light as a feather to start her dazzling performance 4 meters above the audience.

So much to take in, the music, the aerial art, the beautiful costumes, such a great ensemble.

This performance is the absolute accolade on a perfect evening; even the most spoiled guests in the audience are impressed.

After the final speeches, the guests are led to the horse trams for transfer.

Wow – are these for us, this is really nice!

Marischka leaves the museum at exactly 23:00 hrs according to plan and boards the last carriage.

The first coach man has received his cue for departure and the horses take all guests back to the hotel …


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