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MK Producties is a full-service congress organiser. Our specialisation is the organisation of meetings which are based on the transfer of knowledge, such as congresses, meetings, conferences, workshops and product launches. We also enjoy organising special events like dinners, excursions or staff parties. Keywords of our method are: personal, tailored to your specific wishes, eye for detail, professional, and, cost conscious. 

Our agency is not committed to one location. We can just as easily work in Amsterdam as in Athens. With the same degree of attention we organise tailor-made programmes for small (25) and large (>1,500) parties.

MK Producties organises these meetings down to the smallest detail, from invitation to evaluation. Personal attention and quality are of the utmost importance here. It is also possible to have us organise component parts of your meeting. Read more about MK Producties.


Four steps

Step 1 Interview

Your wishes regarding the event are extensively discussed in a first meeting. All aspects of your meeting will come up, so that we can present a transparent tender that is as detailed as possible. The tender is based on the given framework, the indicated budget and your personal wishes and objectives. It is of the essence that you recognize the philosophy of your firm in the end result, the production.

Step 2 Contract

After your approval of our specified tender we will proceed to make the necessary reservations and start the organisation of your event. For that purpose we will produce a scenario in which all aspects will be included in a time schedule. This enables you to check the phase of organisation of your project and what kind of input is needed at which moment.

Step 3 Consultation and reporting

At regular intervals the progress of the project will be reported to you, either in writing or in production meetings with all parties concerned. It is our aim to implement everything according to your wishes and you can count on our expert advice at all times. MK Producties will take responsibility for the budgetary control and will operate within the given budget. Should there be unforeseen setbacks you will be informed in time, together with a suggestion how to adjust the finances. Windfalls will come your way and are immediately obvious through the transparent way in which your money is handled. Thanks to this mode of operation the final invoice will never be a surprise.

Step 4 Showtime!

Like a chameleon we will fully enter into the identity of your firm during the meeting, for it is all about you and your clients! The reliable and professional power behind the scenes to see that your message comes across and that you have your hands free to focus on your guests.

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